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Hello Care

The Mirror for Retirement and Nursing Homes.

Exercise Body and Mind at Your Own Pace


On the Hello Mirrors digital mirrors, nursing home residents get the chance to perform orthopedic and neurological exercises while standing, sitting and lying down. Under the guidance of a virtual therapist, they independently control their movements in their mirror image.

Home residents

Residents want to continue living independently, but often need help to keep themselves physically and mentally fit.

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live more self-determined

 Home residents are guided through various exercises. They exercise safely and can stay fit and active.

Exercise offer

Lack of caregivers prevents personalized attention and effective physical and mental health services.

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creates variety

A wide range of exercises and a constantly growing offer provide variety even in routinized training.

Retirement homes

Homes want to offer their residents great services in order to be attractive and stand out from the competition.

economize best

Innovative methods enhance the reputation and active nursing home residents increase the attractiveness of the home.


Software as Hardware: Intuitive and Simpel

Hello Mirrors offers a high standard of professional therapists – and a continuous expansion of its exercises.

In order to bring it all together, the focus is on simplicity: we aliminated all complicated functions. Home residents use the solution intuitively and caregivers can operate them with minimal training.

Plus: Thanks to rollers on the stand, the mirrors can always be used where they are needed most.

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Simply wipe clean

We look forward to getting to know you.

We ❤️ Hello Mirrors

Ever Expanding Health Offer for All Residents

For Good Health: 10 Minutes a Day

Circulation Activation

People who exercise live better and healthier lives. Exercises to stay active in everyday life.

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Fall Prevention

For a safe everyday life: Prevent injuries from the start!

Healthy Back

Preventive and curative exercises get rid of back pain.


Eye-Hand Coordination

Cognitive stimulation bridges the gap between mind and body.

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»The mirrors are used very often by our residents, they give them a sense of security in their daily lives. Our work is made easier and families are happy to see their grandparents staying fit.«
Christine Müller, Head Nurse

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