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Your Mirror for Corporate Fitness.

The Whole Team Stays Healthy

Long days at the desk strain the back, cause shoulder and neck pain. With Hello Mirrors, employees perform health exercises on their own under the guidance of digital trainers and therapists. In the process, they control their movements in the mirror image.


train their health


With Hello Mirrors you promote health and well-being of your employees. Deficits can be compensated and free time can be used effectively.

220613_Care 02.png

Therapists / Trainers

give guidance digitally


Professional physiotherapists on the mirror show exercises and instruct for the treatment of shoulder and neck pain or against typical tensions.


Your Company

fit, healthy and productive


Offer your employees effective health options. This not only reduces absenteeism, but also increases your attractiveness as an employer.

Effective Health Offer for All Employees

15 Minutes a Day - For More Productivity

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220613_Health 04.png

Pain-free at work

Loosen shoulder and neck muscles and release tension.

220613_Health 01.png

Concentration & Motivation

Strengthened through life with just a few minutes of practice a day.

220613_Health 03.png

Stay fit & active

A few exercises a day can significantly improve overall health of your employees.

220613_Health 02.png

Stretching & Yoga

Flexibility in the body also transfers to the mind.

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»I think it's great that I can incorporate the exercises into my work routine at any time without having to take sports clothes with me.«
Jonas Maier, Production Manager

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We are happy to advise you in our key areas of Health, Care and Sales. Your key area is not included? No problem, the Hello Mirrors team will create your solution.

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