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Hello Sales

Sell Better in Your Store.


More Sales Through Automated Support

With the high-resolution touch screens of Hello Sales you reach more customers in your service. Especially during the busy hours, the touch point helps you to automate your services.

Meet customers where they are

Hello Sales supports service and unlocks untapped potential - it informs waiting customers about your offer.

Advise waiting customers

Digital touch points assist you in the service area. They determine the interest of customers, inform them about products and take the data collection off your hands.

Interaction increases interest

Thanks to interactive software, customers engage with your offer on their own. This increases their interest and makes it easier for you to provide targeted advice afterwards.

These customers trust us:


In All German Flagship Stores.

220615_Logo Tesla.png

In Selected Stores.


In Selected Stores.

Volkswagen 2022.png

This is how it works


A customer waits in the service area
There they can inform themselves independently at the digital counter. They playfully explore your product world. They are quickly guided to the product that interests them most.

From taking a look to finalizing the purchase
Your customers always have the option of taking the next step themselves until the purchase is completed.

Show your products from their best side
Present videos, figures, information vividly and emotionally with the digital touch point. The customer is ready for the next step.

Leads collect themselves
Leads are automatically loaded into the CRM, relieving you of traditional data entry.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Use case: Tesla

This is how Tesla minimizes the work required per lead

Munich – 02. August 2021


Innovations meet - Tesla uses Hello Sales' digital touch points in all German flagship stores.


No double work - leads are uploaded automatically

Salespeople are particularly enthusiastic about the reduced workload. Leads do not have to be manually transferred to the computer in the evening, as was previously the case. They go straight from the touch point to the cloud.

"You're done already?" Set-up without problems

Just in time for the roll-out of the Model Y, the Touch Points were delivered to the stores and set up. And best of all, it took less than twenty minutes from set-up to the first customer contact.

New product, new update

One question kept popping up, "How do new products get on the Touch Point?" The Touch Points are updated by Hello Sales and the new Model Y has already been added to the system.


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