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The First Step Is A Hello

With Hello Mirrors To Your Solution.

Alexander Heinzler

Chief Product Officer, GM

Pure energy meets savvy entrepreneurial spirit.

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Oliver Waitz

Chief Operation Officer, GM

We have created a monster: IT expert and chief strategist in one person.

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Hello Mirrors

Digital Mirrors In A Class Of Their Own

Founded in 2018, Hello Mirrors has become a specialist in »interactive mirrors«.

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We are happy to advise you in our key areas of Health, Care and Sales. Your key area is not included? No problem, the Hello Mirrors team will create your solution.

Smart Team With Expertise

Competence in All Subjects

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Florian Noller


No such thing as too complicated. Flo solves every task on the computer.

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Yannick Mayer

Business Analyst

If you plan with Yannick, you plan right - so that every step is well thought out.

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Moritz Klein

Creative Director

The in-house maestro of Photoshop and video editing.

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Kirsten Cesarz

Human Resources

A great company needs a great team. This is where Kirsten comes in.

220613_Kontakt 09.png

Dr. Alexander Unger

Medical Advisor

Professional consulting around the core area of Care and Health.

220613_Kontakt 10.png

Sina Feuerer


Sina makes our users sweat in front of the screens.

220613_Kontakt 12.png

Yana Hryhorchyk

AI Developer

With incredible expertise, Yana devises new concepts.

220613_Kontakt 11.png

Friedemann Waitz


Need an update? Friedi conjures up something new in record time.

Get the power of Hello Mirrors in your company.

Our office in Munich. Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1, 80992 München

Writing is not quick enough? Give us a call.
+49 89 99017672

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